M2X Energy

Who is M2X Energy

M2X Energy is a venture-funded company established by Breakthrough Energy Ventures in 2020. M2X is an end-to-end developer of modular, transportable gas-to-liquids system to economically produce low carbon methanol from stranded methane. M2X’s low carbon methanol can serve as a fuel for the marine sector, as a chemical feedstock, as a precursor to SAF and biodiesel, and as a hydrogen carrier.



Commercial-Scale First-of-a-kind system

The Methane problem

More than 60% of global methane emissions are from human activities. In addition to flaring from oil and gas, the waste sector – landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and anaerobic digesters – is a significant and growing contributor. Capturing these emissions is challenging at low-flow sites where existing technologies are inadequate, leading to substantial volumes of stranded gas.

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Our Technology

To be the leading global supplier of small-scale, modular, autonomous, gas-to-methanol systems, M2X has developed a novel, patented approach to low-carbon methanol production from methane-rich stranded gas. Our fuel-flexible process accepts a variety of feedstocks including landfill gas, biogas, and wellgas. M2X’s platform technology is our non-catalytic, partial-oxidation reformer. This reformer technology, along with our integrated methanol synthesis loop, allows M2X to harness the feedstocks of tomorrow and radically rethink how fuels and chemicals are made.

WE ARE BRINGING low-carbon methanol to the market

Low carbon

Stranded feedstock abates methane emissions


Competitive low-carbon methanol price


Proven product quality & low-carbon pathway


Limitless scaling with standardized units


Flexible deployment for production and offtake


In 2023, M2X built, tested, and field-demonstrated its commercial scale first-of-a-kind unit. M2X is currently building its manufacturing capabilities to rapidly scale-up and commercially deploy units starting in 2024.


M2X partners with operators that are looking for an innovative solution to repurpose their stranded gas and manage their GHG emission profile. M2X is working on fixed-price offtake agreements with organizations in the maritime, chemical, manufacturing, and industrial sectors looking to switch to low carbon methanol.

Methanol derived products

There is strong and growing demand for low-carbon methanol. Uses for low-carbon methanol include marine fuel, chemical feedstock, and as a hydrogen carrier. Methanol is also a feedstock for making everyday products such as precursors for plastics and adhesives in plywood.

Some uses of Low-carbon methanol are:

Marine fuel

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Precursor to SAF And biodiesel


low-carbon chemical feedstock


Hydrogen carrier


About M2X Energy

Our Story

Breakthrough Energy Ventures, is developing and will deploy critical climate solutions our world needs to reach net zero emissions by 2050. Methane emissions is a significant source of global CO2e emissions and a waste of precious energy. Recognizing a gap in solutions, BEV founded M2X Energy to rapidly develop and deploy a solution. The founding team, comprising experienced industry experts, operationalized the company in early 2021 and closed a Series A funding round in September 2021. Our investors are:

How we work

Driven by purpose

Driven by purpose – We’re committed to deploying a viable solution to the methane problem, making a meaningful impact on GHG reductions.

Sense of Urgency

We are focused on a fast, safe, and effective deployment of our technology – because reducing emissions can’t wait.


We are building scalable solutions for our customers – additional complexity doesn’t necessarily mean more value.


Combating climate change with a diverse community of employees, customers, and partners with different backgrounds and points of view.


James Bonzani

Product Engineer

Josh Browne, PhD.

Chief Technology Officer

Hsiang-Sheng (Johnson) Chen, PhD.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Anthony Dean, PhD.

Chief Operating Officer

Louise Hannecart

Director of Business Development & Strategy

Kyle Merical

Principal Engineer

Greg Murphy

Greg Murphy

Director of Finance

Seema Peterson

Seema Peterson

Accounting Bookkeeper

Andrew Randolph, PhD.

VP Engineering

Nicholas Schwartz, PhD

Principal Engineer

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Sean Thompson

Process and Product Engineer

Paul Yelvington, PhD.

Chief Science Officer